The Brand
Isse Fine Jewelry was created by jewelry designer Denisse Dickson, in Lima, the heart of Perú. The distinctive combinations of simple, elegant & timeless designs, and the use of high quality materials makes Isse one of the trending jewerly brands in Perú.

The Challenge
Highlight the true beauty of women: her smile and her true self.

The Concept
Not all is revealed, life and love is about hidden messages.

The Look
The main objective of this re-branding was to elevate the brand in order to compete in the international markets. Taking inspiration from modern & confident woman Bunker designed a minimal but modern branding which resonates with this type of market, which can sometimes be dull and too classic. We designed the classics of all times with a special twist and chose high quality materials to provide luxurious comfort. A brand for modern and empowered women. 

Images are simulated not property of Bunker3022, most of them are taken from Nuria Val´s Instagram (thanks, we love your style)

––– May, 2020.

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