Leval Solare is the leading company in curtain equipment and solar control for architecture, design and decoration projects in Argentina. It is part of the Leval Solare Group, the main distributor of the Luxaflex Hunter Douglas® curtain manufacturer in the country. Leval called us because they wanted to change their branding. 

Their main problem was that they sold a interior decor product that supposedly gives you warmth at home, but their identity was cold and distant. Together wit Leval Solare team we rethinked the brand´s personality, values and promise and we arrived to a concept that seemed unique. Leval offers so many different types of curtains that allows you to "enjoy the light of each moment of your day". Either in the morning, when it is hard for you to get up and just want to receive a little light, or in those moments when you want your house to look very bright and fresh.

Our main objetive was to convey a sense of empathy with the user. Thus we created a strong color palette with colors that represented the different type of light during the day. We chose a warm but solid font, and a warm photography style, which talked more about what your are feeling when you let the light in, than showing the product itself.

––– Buenos Aires, 2019.

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