Quickfish is a fast-casual restaurant that serves craveable bowls hyper-focused on sustainable ingredients that promote wellness of mind and body.  A casual experience bringing sustainable seafood to everyone and changing the eating habits of the neighborhood it’s in. 

What's poke?
Hawaian natives used to eat poke to regain strength. Traditional poke consisted in gutted fish, skinned and boned. Breaking away from the traditional definition of poke, Quickfish offers offers a versatility that showcases a sushi-like experience in a bowl, with a quality of fish that is unparalleled in the poke space today.
Quickfish is the type of place you crave throughout the week. The perfect meal for after the gym, during a lunch break or on the way home from the office. With a modern design, exciting range of international music and versatile menu, the vibe at QuickFish brings guests back two to three times per week to enjoy truly sustainable, high quality bowls over and over.

Which is their goal?
With 67% of seafood in the United States being consumed in restaurants, they believe it is imperative to create a restaurant where people can get the freshest and best fish possible, while simultaneously helping to save the oceans and marine life.

Bunker´s Visual Strategy

The traits we defined where:

Based on this values we created an open system which reflected the rhythm of the sea and nature. Images an textures taken out of satellite images mix with nature-liked colors and forms which integrate resulting in a bold identity which conveys freshness and modernity, both characteristics of the type of lifestyle Quickfish is promoting.

Photos taken by @Quickfish
Logotype was not designed by Bunker3022.

–– March, 2018.

Color Story.
Inspiration Moodboard.
Concept Slides.
Take Away Packaging.
Printed Menus.
Digital Menu.
Promotional Posters.
Identity System.

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