Why Rebrand?
R-House is a night-time focused restaurant in Wynwood, Miami. When they first opened years ago the focus was Art & Food. This is because anyone who went there, did so for exactly that reason: Art & Food. However, Wynwood´s demographic has changed along the years. It shifted from an art-focused crowd to a party-focused one, so the restaurant adapted and grew into a more event-like dynamic. It became well-known for it´s Drag-Brunch which is now an item on most people’s Miami-bucket list.

Because of the pandemic -like most restaurants in Wynwood- they were strongly affected in a negative capacity. Instead of licking their wounds, R-House decided to seize the day and use this opportunity to give the brand a spin. This is where La Conceptualist comes in. They were asked to revamp R-House’s look and worked alongside Bunker on the rebranding.

Entertainment has always been their claim to fame so as soon as protocol allowed it, they decided to add night-time Drag events to the mix.

The Challenge
Combining the family-friendly aspect with the Drag Shows has proven to be almost impossible.
Their premise was clear: ‘’All ages, all welcome, a place to come back to’’. 
Why family-friendly? R-House was one of the first restaurants in the area, their staff greets the customers at the door and the restaurant is welcoming to everybody. They also needed to expand their audience.

We decided to casualize it and enjoy our process by making fun of it all. This resulted in the perfect mix of happy colours, a uniquely odd type and hyperrealistic photos. We definitely leaned in diversity while staying friendly, and of course, adding a latin twist.

In Argentina, we would call this eclectic mixture of concepts a "cocoliche", but in this case, we believe it’s the perfect formula to properly express all aspects of this multifaceted brand.

Miami, August 2021.

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