From the moment we wake up in the morning, we interact with thousands of brands every day. Due to changes in our economy, millions of people depend on their personal, freelance or small business brands for their livelihood.

Brands inform nearly every decision we make in our lives, from our toothpaste to the neighbourhoods we choose to live in. But no show has demystified how to create a truly great 21st century brand in an entertaining way.

The client
Raphael Farasat is the creator of The Rebrand. He is an award winning creative director, brand strategist, and entrepreneur. Living and breathing branding, Raphael is the founder and creative director of TRUFFL, a creative agency based in West Hollywood. Bunker3022 had the pleasure to work for him in this project.

Our goal
Nothing better that a dynamic brand for a dynamic concept. We aimed to create an identity that speaks as the “big ones” did but with an actual vision. A logo that has the ability to change and adapt to each branding project. A brand with its own vocabulary (before&wow / re-wow  / wowing process / rebranding) and a color palette that beggs for attention. 
Images are simulated and not property of Bunker3022.

The Show
Five leading branding experts, called ​The Creatives, ​visit struggling small businesses who can’t keep up with the times. In each episode, the team uncovers what makes the company authentically special ​and develops a fresh new concept for the business, complete with an overhaul of their branding, products, interior design, and marketing presence. They’ll use 21st century tools of marketing like social media and influencer  marketing to get the word out and attract a new generation of  customers. Each episode, The Creatives will test boundaries and try and transform the ordinary into the truly novel and memorable.

Nothing as fresh as a great Rebrand. The Rebrand is a makeover show for brands. In the show a team of branding and marketing experts with different specialities across Social Media, Branding, Advertising, Design, and Public Relations, called The Creatives, visit struggling small businesses, determine what makes these companies truly special, then uses 21st century branding and marketing tools to transform each business and bring attention.

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